The Denim Debate: JagJeans the "Nora" High-Rise Skinny

The Denim Debate: JagJeans the "Nora" High-Rise Skinny

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I was so excited when Jag Jeans reached out to me because I'm always in denim, especially my ride-or-die mom jeans. So, you can imagine how my heart jumped at the thought of visiting their headquarters in Georgetown. Let's just say, I was freaking out (video below). Plus, I remembered seeing a few Seattle bloggers post about Jag and curious if their jeans would ever fit me. 

Everyone knows that shopping for jeans is a struggle, whether your looking for a skinny, bootleg, straight, or boyfriend jeans. It's HARD, even more if you have curves. So, I was happy to take a peak at their collection and give you a honest review and a sneak peak. 




  • Typically a size 12/14
  • Large thighs + bottom
  • Slimmer calves
  • Super skinny ankles


  • Love a true skinny jean
  • Mom jeans are a staple
  • Open to a cropped flare
  • Light wash or Black jeans


Which jeans did you get?


Let's talk about the "Nora" high-rise skinny jeans. The special thing about these jeans is that they're are pull-on style, meaning no hassle with zippers sliding down or buttons coming undone. YES! I'm actually here for this innovative style because 1) they do NOT look like maternity jeans (nothing wrong with them, I'm just not pregnant) with the different colored, stretchy fabric and 2) no one likes having to tell someone their zipper is down. 

First impression?

I really loved the Amelia jeans that Victoria was wearing but I could never actually picture myself wearing them. You guys know that I live in my light-wash mom jeans or my black cigarette skinny jeans. So, I felt nervous when she said I'd be wearing a similar style and color. As I went to try them on I walked out and looked in the mirror and immediately thought my legs looked "sexy." Hear me out...I've NEVER (ever) describe my legs as "sexy", especially not my thighs (insecurity of mine) but that was the first word that came to my head. Now, I was not originally a fan of the ankle-area because it was too big (remember I have skinny ankles), however, a quick cuffed and I was sold when paired with my coat. I would love them in a black but this is a fun change for Fall!


How do they fit?

They were surprisingly extremely comfortable and fit perfectly throughout my thighs, which are often a "trouble" area. The ankle could be tighter... but I actually preferred them having some room to layer my Uniqlo Heat-tech leggings for colder Autumn and Winter days. I got them in a size 14 but could go down to a size 12. Plus, the cuff around the ankles made the look more effortless and classic. When putting them on, it may feel a smidge tight around your hips but that's how it supposed to feel. Why? Since there is NO elastic-band in the waist, your jeans will stay a "high-rise". Non-maternity pull-on denim is pretty genius. I'm interested to see if they continue to stay up with wear.

Are they actually comfortable?


YES. I squatted, jumped, and walked (see video for some high-knee exercises lol) around in these jeans. Jag uses "Supreme Denim," which is 77% Cotton, 21% Polyester, 2% Spandex. My pants stayed up around my waist and were stretchy and supportive. I'm still blown away at how comfortable they are and how it's great for if you're running late to a meeting or coffee date. 

They also carry a ton of different fabrics too; from standard “Supreme,” Twill, Cord, "Freedom Knit," and more denim. Find out more information about their materials here. 

Are they ethical + sustainable?

Statement from JagJeans: "Jag Jeans will continue to review these standards annually to evaluate and update as required to reflect the continued desire of all in achieving a sustainable & environmentally friendly process in manufacturing while respecting the value of the individual worker.”

Victoria informed me that they are making changes towards sustainability with Laser Printed denim that uses a lot less water and no chemical bleach. 

*Polyester and spandex are not considered "sustainable" materials. 



Closing Statement:

The JagJeans Nora Skinny is a win for me based on the inclusive size range (0 petite - 24W), comfortability, and the variety of materials/styles. This style comes in about 4-6 different washes. Black, Grey, Dark Blue, and Light Blue. Also, they are made for and fitted by everyday women. JagJeans has also expressed how they are very open to customer feedback to improve their collection! I'd love to see tighter ankles and more black denim! Thank you JAG!


*This post is sponsored by JagJeans, however, my opinions remain honest and fully my own. I only partner with brands that I believe in and that best serves my readers.*

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