10 Retro Mirrored Statement Sunglasses You Need For Summer 2017


10 Retro Sunglasses

Bold. Fun. Essentials. Summer.

To be honest, I've never been a sunglasses girl. I mean, if you count the 88th pair of my $16 huge aviators from Target that I paired with my Catholic school uniform then yes, I was the queen of the sun. I've showed you my other favorite retro sunglasses(thank you to my friend Shanti!). Today, I'm sharing this pair from Moorea Seal. I'm OBSESSED with these retro-white framed, gold mirrored sunglasses.

Photography by Darrah // Editing by Me


On Friday, June 23rd I went to Moorea's 3rd Anniversary Sale and picked up these sunglasses in white and gold. Normally, I would choose black, however, my girl Darrah the creator of lingere brand Loho said I should go for it. I'm so happy people have been pushing me to just be bold with my style. I used to buy statement pieces because I feared standing out but now I'm thrilled to just be unique and wear unique pieces, especially sunglasses.

 Photography by Darrah // Editing by Me

Photography by Darrah // Editing by Me

What are your favorite sunglasses for Summer?