RECAP of Capsule Wardrobe #10x10challenge


10x10challenge RECAP

Recently, I completed the #Winter10x10 capsule wardrobe challenge. I was excited to journey on a quest to stay CONSISTENT and COMMITTED to a goal. How did I do it? Planning, faith, and community. I researched the guidelines ahead of time Instagram participate. Then my faith activated confidence to finish it. Lastly, I connected with the #10x10friends community by engaging with their cool outfits. Here's what I learned from sticking to 10 items in 10 days: 


Recap 10x10challenge 2018

My Initial Thoughts

First off, I never thought I'd actually finish the challenge. I was convinced that I'd quit by Day 3 and feared that I'd get bored very easily. But, here's the kicker: it was EASY!

Why? Caroline Joy and Lee Vosburgh (creators) made the challenge flexible. You could choose to include shoes or not, accessories did not count, and if 10 days were too long, simply do 5x5 or 7x7. Essentially, you create the challenge on your terms.


Recap 10x10challenge 2018

My Overall Experience

I was shocked at how fun this was versus feeling tense and burdensome. In fact, I saved time getting ready and focused on productivity. In fact, I felt more energized because I planned ahead. I even started planning in other areas of my life to where I was finishing more things than that I had ever done in my week. How amazing is that? Normally, I love spontaneous and mood-based outfits. But the older I get, the more I wear timeless styles


Recap 10x10challenge 2018

Remaining Thoughts

Overall, I'd most definitely do the #10x10challenge again! Plus, I highly recommend if you're interested in Capsule Wardrobes, downsizing, or owning less stuff then this challenge is for you. There's no need to fear and expect failure. You create your terms and agree to them! Plus, no one made comments about the 2X I repeated an outfit. Trust me, no one cares and you will thank yourself for having more time. 


Did you complete the 10x10challenge?