Printed Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Brand Owned By Women Of Color: Matter Prints

Printed Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Brand Owned By Women Of Color: Matter Prints


About The People Of Color Owned Ethical Fashion

It’s safe to say that customers are on the hunt to support people-of-color owned, ethical fashion brands. A brand that stands out against the minimal, neutral, and classic silhouettes is Matter Prints, founded by a woman of color, Ren Ho. The brand focuses on “reinventing textiles” through traditionally woven fabrics using dyed techniques by honoring their heritage into prints.

Matter Prints’ mission is “to foster designer-artisan collaborations, inspire customers to value provenance & process, and pioneer industry change & sustainability for rural textile communities.”


Matter Print’s Pants: Fit & Size of the Lounge Lunghi in Vahi Reblu

I was worried that Matter Prints wouldn’t fit me because I didn’t see models or customers who looked as though they were past a size 8 or 10. While chatting with Matter Prints, I was excited to hear that they are working on expanding their size range.

I’m wearing a size 3 in their Lounge Lunghi pants in the Vahi print. This beautiful sky blue and white print is symbolic for the “flow of clear spring water over pebbled brooks.” When I saw them on the website, I instantly fell in love with the wrap closure silhouette. It’s bold with the ties in the front with long side fabrics.

My first impressions were these look very wide so I was hopeful that they would fit me. Once I started wrapping the straps along my waist they quickly became the perfect high waisted, comfy pants. I love how they look somewhat dressy but remain soft like loungewear. 

I typically wear a size 14 and it fits better than I anticipated. They are loose around the legs and tighter around my waist to where the ties fall in the back versus the original look in the front. I’ve worn these pants for about two weeks and they go with plenty of basics in my wardrobe: a black long sleeve shirt, blue fitted tops, and white tanks. The Longe Lunghi are very soft, comfortable, and are 100% medium weight cotton. These would be perfect to wear year round. 


I paired them with neutral flats to keep the pants the focus and a white tank to bring out the white in the pants. For fall, I’d pair this with a bright yellow, orange, or blue chunky cropped sweater.

Final Thoughts on Matter Prints

Matter Prints was one of the first ethical fashion brand style outside the box. They’re a great brand for beginners due to their price range, kind customer service, and unique designs. Matter Prints also has fast shipping and high quality materials. I would recommend these pants for plus size folks on the smaller end (i.e. 10-14) but keep in mind that some pieces vary. The good news is that they are expanding their size range to be more inclusive to include more shapes and a sizes.


Have you heard of Matter Prints?

Thank you Matter Prints for partnering with me on this post. In full transparency, I received payment for my work and the pants to review to share with my audience. My opinions always remains honest and authentic. We value our audiences trust more than anything.

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