3 Style Of Clothes That Is Adding Clutter To Your Closet

3 Style Of Clothes That Is Adding Clutter To Your Closet


Maybe you already went through your closet and you’re thinking…”What more could I possibly get rid of?!”

As someone who goes through her closet at least one a month, (I’m on a health journey), it can feeling annoying to constantly feel the need to declutter.

Well, without even stepping foot into your bedroom, I can tell that there’s three key pieces that might be creating more fuss than freedom in your wardrobe.

The “Holey-Moley” Clothes


Some ethical bloggers recommend learning sewing to to expand its longevity by repairing damaged clothes. So, you’ve added “learn sewing” to your everlasting to-do list to fix a few tiny holes and set it aside.

That was three months ago and now that pile has 3x as much than you originally started with. I hate to say it but it’s time you donate that sweater.

It’s absolutely important to be intentional about your waste, but if you are creating more of a mess by having a pile of unwanted clothes in your space for months then it’s a good sign to fix it or donate it.

Be self-aware enough to know whether or not you’ll actually fix something or if you just need to donate it. It doesn’t make you any less or more ethical than the next person.

The “Motivation: That’s Actually Punishment” Clothes


Am I the only one who would keep clothes as a reminder that I didn’t like my body… I mean a motivation to be “healthy”?

Let’s be real. Keeping old clothes as a constant “source of motivation” is subconsciously shaming yourself to be something you currently are not. It’s fine to have goals and if you really love it then sure, by all means keep those jeans.

But be extremely honest with yourself. Ask yourself if you are keeping this because it motivates you or you still talk poorly about your body?

If you are talking bad about yourself when you look at those clothes then you are not adding value to your life. Therefore, donate them or gift them to someone else.

The “Remember When” Clothes


We naturally categorize and attach value to material things, which determines their significance in our lives. Whether it’s that blue Vera Wang prom dress you wore when met your spouse or those red sweatpants you were gifted that you wore to the National Championship track meet.

When we assign a memory to clothing, it becomes extremely difficult to let it go because our brains have made it “important”. The Minimalists said it best:

“The memories are not in our stuff but within us.”

Realize that it’s just a dress. It’s just sweatpants. You are the one they fell in love with. You are the one who won the game. Free your space from being a storage unit to unnecessary items.

Be mindful of why you’re holding onto something, especially clothes. Your identity, status, or self-esteem is not tied to a pair of expensive, well-loved, or special occasion shoes.

Remember, they are just shoes.

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