The #ShopSlowly Series (002): How To Save For An $180 Wide-Leg Jumpsuit Without Going Broke (ft. Hack With Design House) #ShopSlowly

The #ShopSlowly Series (002): How To Save For An $180 Wide-Leg Jumpsuit Without Going Broke (ft. Hack With Design House) #ShopSlowly



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Wide-Leg Jumper

By Hack With Design

My heart is racings as I type this, to share one of my favorite ethical and size-inclusive brands: Hack With Design House. Major bonus points because their models are also ethnically diverse! But I haven't added any new ethical pieces in a while- mainly because I've been saving money for a new apartment in Seattle. Girl, adulating is REAL when the bills are in your name. Anyways, one of the reasons I that I love Hack With Design is they are on the "affordable" end of ethical + sustainable brands, which means saving for them won't take all year. 

They just launched The Sustain Shop, a sustainable method to recycle previously loved (worn) clothes that customers can send in their used Hack With Design House pieces for $20 in-store credit. Since this is recycled clothes, they are marked down from, plus you are saving the planet! Learn more about how to get involved and shop their collection, here. Last we spoke, I covered How To Save For Expensive Clothes (even if you make minimum wage)  you can read the previous #ShopSlowly post here. Now, I want to talk about this gorgeous Wide-Leg Jumpsuit

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HDH is a high quality, made-to-order and small-batch (they make only 25 of each garment!) clothing company, based in St. Paul, Minnesota. The company was founded in 2013 by Lisa Hackwith. The pieces are whimsical, simplistic, and highly detailed. I appreciate the wrap tops, dresses, and jumpsuits with exquisite drapery and tailoring that goes into each piece. You can shop them all online or find one in your state

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FIT: (size XL)

When I saw the jumpsuit, I knew that based on the silhouette and style I had to have it. I did the 3x3 test and formulated three different outfits that I could wear with this jumpsuit. Sweaters, button-ups, and T-Shirts are going to be ways to elevate my looks year round.

I got the Wide-Leg jumpsuit in Tencil and to be honest, I had no idea what fiber that was. Thankfully, the detailed specs are under each item. It's a twill material that fits true to size.   

I'd say overall, I like the fit. It's pretty tight in the bust area (thanks boobs) but pretty loose on me in the back, middle, and legs. Oh! It comes with a belt made in the exact same material. Yesssss! This is perfect because it shows off my waist and makes it look dressier.

The fit in the legs are strikingly cool. Heads up for my tall girls that this will be appear like a culotte and a regular wide-leg for my petite gals! The one thing I'm not a fan of is the saggy butt area. Now, there is a possibility that mine is stretched out (I haven't washed it yet) but it sagged quite a bit. I love the V-neck and the thick straps. This makes it appropriate for work, events, and running errands on the go. I love how it's a "wide-leg" but doesn't make your legs look any bigger. I would recommend getting your actual size. I'm in-between sizes so I went up. The size L would not have fit around my bust area but would fit everywhere else.  (((4/5)))

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Designed with versatility in mind, our Basics: Wide-Leg Jumper can be worn four different ways. With a reversible neckline and an optional sash, you are ensured to never run out of ways to wear this timeless piece.
— Hack With Design


"Machine wash cold on gentle cycle with like colors. Use mild detergent. Do not bleach. Lay flat to dry. Iron with low heat." 

PRICE: $180

Although I was sent this item (not sponsored, just gifted), I would have definitely saved to purchase this myself. Since I am loosing weight, it's harder for me to invest in pieces that I'd eventually have to get tailored. So, I will embrace this item with my current body and most likely sell this to someone who has been dying to try it. (((5/5)))


Comes in Denim, Black Cotton, and Black Lyocell. (((4/5)))

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No one should be excluded from purchasing clothes ethical clothes because they can't afford them. So, here's a formula for affording your life expenses and this gorgeous jumpsuit. 

Monthly income - Monthly expenses = $$$ - $$$$

Remaining Balance - Savings amount = $$ - $$$

HDH Jumpsuit - Final Balance = $ - $$

If you have anywhere from $5-$90, I would suggest breaking this up into smaller payments. Why? The jumpsuit WILL be there but it's important to always have money in your account for emergencies (yes, even if you have a separate savings). Let's say that you have $90 left after inputing your income, expenses, and savings. If you put aside $30/monthly for 6 months, then you can purchase the jumpsuit AND pay your bills on time. Not that patient? Well, you can definitely get the jumpsuit in 3 months, if you set aside $60/monthly

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Okay, internet-big sister speaking here. While, I LOVE this jumpsuit and it's definitely something I can wear year-round; I would highly-recommend taking care of your bills FIRST. The jumpsuit will be there but those late fees or maybe even a dip in your credit score isn't worth it. Check out my method to actually SAVE and PAY your bills on time


When I'm online shopping, I do the 3x3 test before I purchase to see if it can fit in my capsule wardrobe. What's the 3x3? If it can be styled 3 ways with 3 different things in your closet (and of course if ya need it!) then it can be classified as essential. I've caved and bought a jumpsuit from Target and it doesn't even compare as far as quality. Confused why I bought fast fashion on my journey to ethical fashion, watch this. Will I get rid of the Target one? I'd definitely consider it. I found 3 ways to wear this jumpsuit by dressing it up and casually before I took the plunge. 

So...Is It WORTH The Money?!

Based on the style, fit, and price = yes, it's WORTH the money! This size-inclusive and dreamy brand makes classics you'd feel confident outfit repeating. (I've already worn this jumpsuit 3 days in a row)

DISCLOSURE: I was gifted this piece from Hack With Design, however, it is not sponsored and it does it change the intergirty of my review. 

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