The #ShopSlowly Series (004): How To Save For $238 Nisolo Dari Boots in Wheat+

The #ShopSlowly Series (004): How To Save For $238 Nisolo Dari Boots in Wheat+


The Dari Boots $238

from Nisolo



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Seattle, also known as rain city, is home to bold and stylish folks who confidently run through the wet downtown streets in light colored boots. As an LA native and year-round boot lover, I became enamored by the flashes of white, tan, and soft grey colors that float through cafes, sky rise buildings, and even in the TSA line at the airport. If you read my last blog post on Semi-Affordable Ethical boots, then you are aware that I’ve been eyeing Nisolo’s website for a while now. Not going to lie, I was nervous because I’m rough with my shoes and always and I wear them until the heels literally fall off. Typically, I wear a size 9.5/10 and have flat feet with smaller ankles. I wore the Dari Boots in Wheat size 10 for 3 consecutive days for at least 4 hours each day to see if the boots I’d been lusting after will last.

Photography by Me

Photography by Me


Nisolo Dari Boot $238 Review

Style: High wooden heel, ankle boot, in a warm-tan color, and

Price: $238 + tax

Material: Nubuck leather top, Leather soles, Gold zipper on back

Fit: True to size, Refined Shape, Slightly pointed toe

The Dari Boot is Nisolo’s first high heeled boot standing tall at 2.5in. The wheat color is made with Nubuck leather, which is a “buffed, full-grained leather that resembles suede.” I had no idea what Nubuck was but after doing some research, it’s naturally a light water-resistant leather (not necessarily safe for Seattle) material but with a water proof spray, you should be set. This material is also seen on Timberland boots if you’re still unfamiliar with the material. So, I was expecting them to a little stiff and hard to break in. Luckily, they were not that hard to break in for me but this could be because I received a size 10. A 9.5 would have given me ave less room around the ankle but more snug at the toe. But after reading the reviews, I’d definitely size up half a size if you have wide or flat feet.

First Impressions

The style is absolutely timeless, minimal, and “me” in a brown bootie. I really was struck by the color and think that it’s perfect for people who love neutrals. It’s completely outside my comfort zone of the black booties I live in. I love the modern, western silhouette with a slightly rounded toe and mid ankle with zipper detailing. When I first put them on, they were and still are comfortable. My feet were comfortable for up to 5 hours then I felt a pinch around the toe area, which as they state on their website has a snug fit. they are the softest suede I’ve ever had on my feet. Y’all even the leather soles are buttery smooth! The heel feels sturdy enough for day to day errands or if you have a casual work enviornment.

As you can see from the photos, I was a little taken aback by how worn-in they looked, especially in comparison to the photos on their website. I shot these shortly after I received them and as I wearing them they got even more worn. I started freaking out because I’m pretty rough with my shoes and need a durable boot. I immediately emailed Nisolo photos with my concerns and I appreciated that they acknowledged that it wasn’t up to their standard. They kindly offered me to exchange them but I wanted to keep my initial first opinions around them completely unbiased for this Cost Per Wear review. Luckily, there’s a hand written thank you note with contact information to contact them within 100 days for returns or exchanges if there’s irregular wear and tear.



How much are The Dari Boots really cost?

The Cost Per Wear formula is used to show how much the shoes are actually worth from a consumer perspective based on usage. This means that just because they are “semi-affordable” at retail price, you might be wasting money and the shoes if you only get 3 wears out of them. Ex) Let’s say that I wore the boots for 30 days (doesn’t have to be consecutive). Here’s the formula I would use:

$238 (retail price) / 30 (# of days worn) = $7.9 (cost per wear)

With this data, now you can determine if the shoes (or any product) is worth it by asking yourself: “would I pay/ is it worth X amount each time I wear these?” If the answer is no then it’s time to declutter. If you’re past the exchange or return stage then consider utilizing Nisolo’s Shoe Reclamation Program. Their mission is to collect 5,000 shoes by 2020 to reduce

Nisolo has a great consumption tip that might be helpful in buying decision: “If you’re paying too little for a product, someone in the supply chain is likely getting the short end of the stick. If you’re paying too much, that person might be you.”


So, are they really worth the $238?

The short answer is Yes

Even if I only wore these shoes for 30 days, I would happily spend about $8 bucks a day and feel proud that I’m getting my money’s worth. Although I’m not super keen on the worn-in look, I’m thankful that they offer exchanges and will report back on that process! I’m sold on the style, comfort, and height of the shoe I would absolutely recommend these boots if you want a neutral shoe in your capsule wardrobe. I’m also excited to try the Black color, which is apart of their water resistant Commuter Collection.

If you need the boots for an event or in urgency, Nisolo offers “Affirm,” essentially a wear-now-pay-later financial mediator that allows customers up to three, interest-free installments. Do be mindful that Affirm will run a credit check to see if you’re approved for this and it does not include taxes and shipping. I would highly recommend you that you learn to #ShopSlowly and figure out how to afford the things you want to gain the discipline of saving up for items that align with your values!


I know she doesn’t want me to mention her but I wanted to thank my friend Lo, from Capsule Closet, who connected me with Nisolo that led to this opportunity. Thanks again to Nisolo Shoes for this opportunity for me to transparently share my thoughts and supporting my work!

Would you #ShopSlowly the Dari Boots?

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