4 Real Ways To Make Extra Money When You're Struggling Financially And Need Money Fast

4 Real Ways To Make Extra Money When You're Struggling Financially And Need Money Fast


We’ve all been there. Whether you got fired from your job or quit to take a leap of faith to pursue your side hustle full-time, it can be equally liberating and absolutely overwhelming to have a major dip in your income. Even if you have a safety net and cushion, it’s important that you are always generating multiple sources of revenue to your bank account. Why? That is responsible self-love my friends. If you’re feeling weird, slimy, or even if words like greedy pop up when you think about earning extra money then you’ve got some major money mindset shifting to do. I highly recommend reading Jen Sincero’s book, You’re A Badass At Making Money. It is life changing.

6 Ways To Make Extra Money When You’re Struggling Financially

  1. Sell your stuff: $-$$$$

One of the biggest benefits of becoming a minimalist is releasing your attachment to stuff. While I love my furniture right now, I’m not attached to it because I know that it’s temporary. Having trouble letting go? Let’s be real, if you missed a payment on your credit card bill and the lovely creditors are blowing up your phone then you’ll quickly realize what’s a necessity and what can be sold. I use OfferUp, Craiglist, and Poshmark (use code DEBBYBOOVLOGS to earn $5) to sell my items.

TIP: Use this challenging time to face the problem head on. Look at what you have, be grateful for it’s time in your life, and get rid of an non-essentials.

2. Trade/Sell Your Skills: $$-$$$+

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve called a friend, crying over how hard this entrepreneur journey is and questioning if I’m even cut out for it. Almost a year ago, I was on my 3rd can of tuna and my checking account was stacked with overdraft fees. With some tough love, one of my friends said, “You have everything you need right in front of you. You’re just too busy focusing on what you lost. Look at what you’re good at and sell or trade it..” I immediately meal prepped for the week with whatever I had and reached out to people in the community to offer social media services.

While I heard lots of “No thanks,” I produced more content to my Instagram and YouTube that helped me leverage my increased metrics to brands. How much you earn depends on your skill and how you market yourself but you could design a website for $1,000+ or create content and plan a small business social media for $5,500+ or you could post a companies product for $50 on your Instagram page.

TIP: This is not a fast money tip, however, this route is far more sustainable if you continue to research your market and take FREE classes on uDemy to enhance your skillset. Don’t give up and charge exactly what your education, experience, time, and over all value is worth.

3. Babysit or Housesit $$-$$$+

You probably don’t want to read that I’m encouraging to watch your neighbor’s kid. But that’s any easy way to make money, especially if you already have the experience. Not only are kids a joy and take your mind off of the serious things in life (i.e. bills) but if you do a stellar job with one gig then it could lead to many, many more! Depending upon your experience, you can make anywhere between $15-$35/hour babysitting. Typical babysitting gigs range from 2-8 hours a shift or you can set up a reoccurring shifts if that’s available!

If kids aren’t your jam, trying housesitting on the Rover App. “According to Kristen Forecki, director of operations at Rover.com, “We have many sitters that treat Rover as a full-time job, including a few that make six figures annually as a Rover sitter. However, the majority of our sitters treat this as a part-time role,” said Forecki (via The Simple Dollar). Personally, I haven’t used the Rover app even though I’m a dog lover but I have heard great reviews from walkers to customers. The Simple Dollar suggests that you can expect to receive super part-time $1,000/month or part time walking 2-3 dogs per week up to $3,000+/month.

4. Deliver Food $$$-$$$$+

If you have a car or can borrow someone’s car then I highly recommend signing up to deliver food, whether it be Postmates, DoorDash, Grubhub, or UberEats. What I love about these delivery food apps is that you can see exactly how much you’re going to get. For example, with Doordash a restaurant may be 2 minutes away from you and less than 4 miles to deliver, you can easily make $6.50 or $7.50 in Seattle. Although it’s not hourly, tell me if you saw $7 bucks on the ground that you would just leave it because it’s not $10 or $20 bucks? Absolutely not! This has been a huge life saver for me when I had no money. I actually didn’t even have a car but my friend let me borrow hers (which she later gifted to me *praise God*). I also highly recommend this if you’re coming out of a toxic work environment and need a “easy job” that pays well.

TIPS: Try out several of these delivery apps. Go through the application process, try it out for a week, and see if you like it then decide if it’s worth the money. Most of the apps are very easy to sign up and you can get on the road within that week, especially if you live in a metropolitan city.

Since we’ve looked at the exact ways you make extra money, let’s look at your mindset to save that extra money so you don’t repeat the same mistakes. You need to be brutally honest and ask yourself this one question: Do I have a poverty or an abundance mentality? The answer to this question will help you determine how much you’re going to make. If you see your current situation as an opportunity to grow, stretch your skillset verses seeing this season as punishment then you can earn more than enough to get out of this financial struggle.

Keep going. I’m proud of you!

How Do You Earn Extra Money?

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