The 5 Biggest Lies We Tell Ourselves About Clutter

So, you've finally decided to tackle your garage and your bedroom this weekend. Yes! One step towards living that minimalist lifestyle. As you're rummaging through your box from college, you see your old sweatshirts and notebooks that flood the memories of the good old days. Oh! Then the Christmas decoration box from two years ago reminds you engagement on Christmas morning and you're convinced that you must keep these two boxes. Wrong! Here are the 5 biggest lies we tell ourselves about our clutter. 


  1. I'm Going To Need This One Day

  2. I'm Going To Pass This Down To My Kids and Grandkids

  3. But What If They Don't Make This Anymore

  4. I bought this for $$$$ And Therefore I Have To Keep It

  5. I NEED It

If you read my latest blog posts of 31 Things To Declutter and How To Finally Release Attachment of Sentimental Gifts you know then you know what my thoughts are regarding memories. "The memories are in us."- The Minimalists. I completely agree with this sentiment that the memories are not in your belongings, boxes, or gifts. They are within your spirit. 

How do you deal with the hard-to-get-rid-of clutter in your life?