(001) Cost Per Wear: The Clarity Flat by Osborn


The Clarity Flat

Comfortable. Neutral. Versatile. Everyday.

What's Cost Per Wear?

CPW = Total cost of the item / Number of days you’ll wear it

Am I the only one who struggles to spend a significant amount of money on clothes? Some people have splurge categories such as make-up, home wear, electronics, etc. But I can't bring myself to spend more than $300 on something. Yes, I know that is still a lot of money but that would be the max I would pay for a "luxury" item. However, constantly purchasing low quality items is wasteful and can sometimes cost us more than if we simply purchased a more expensive item. This new series is for all my #BrokeMinimalBabes! Cheers to finally doing the math (see equation above) and buying quality pieces!

  Photo by James Wang

Photo by James Wang

  Photo by James Wang

Photo by James Wang

My Expensive Item of Choice

The Clarity Flat

I was desperate for an outfit for Gossip & Glamour's X Macy's Spring Fashion Presentation. So, I messaged my friend Moorea Seal and went down to her gorgeous store front in Belltown (peep her online shop). If you're into minimalist style fashion then you must check out her store. She's curated some amazing pieces and a little birdie told me she's expanding to XXL sizes. (Yay!). Anyways, she brought out The Clarity Flat in the color caramel by the sustainable brand Osborn. These babies retail for $160, which would be the second most expensive shoe I own.


Why I Bought It

This time around, I wanted to intentionally pick items I could wear all Spring/Summer and I was desperate for an outfit for Gossip & Glamour's X Macy's Spring Fashion Presentation. Moorea came to the rescue and picked out about 6 tops, 2 dresses, and 4 jewelry designs. I purchased a dress, along with these amazing leather shoes.  I typically go for a black flat but I went for a neutral staple. Now, I obviously leather and water don't mix and I live in a rainy city. But Moorea recommended that I get my flats "weather" proofed at a shoe shop. Yes, that's more money but at least I have shoes that won't break down on me. Phew!


The Verdict: My CPW Results

So, you're probably wondering if The Clarity Flats are worth the investment? Well, let's look at the formula $160 (retail price) / 30 (# of days you wore it) = $5.33 (costs every time I wear it). The verdict: Worth It!

The leather shoes wore in beautifully and I've worn these shoes for 30 days since my purchase! I love how they've "aged" a bit yet still maintain structure. Oh, and these shoes go with every single outfit! I was shocked because I thought I'd just wear them in casual, everyday wear. But I've dressed this up with fun pants. My only issue was the slippery soles. Since Seattle had crazy bipolar weather, the leather soles were extremely slippery. But I'm so glad Moorea recommended I scratch up the soles to a get grip. It worked!

While shopping for expensive things, do you consider using the Cost Per Wear formula?