(002) Cost Per Wear: Broken Lines Dress Now by UZI NYC

Broken Lines Dress

Adaptable. Geometric. Everyday. Fun.

What's Cost Per Wear?

CPW = Total cost of the item / Number of days you’ll wear it

Hello, to all my #BrokeMinimalBabes! You guys enjoyed my reading the first installment of the Cost Per Wear series. So, I decided to still continue creating them! To find out why this series is so important then please click here


MY"expensive" ITEM OF CHOICE

Broke Lines Dress

As I mentioned in my last post, I needed an outfit for the Gossip & Glamour X Macy's Spring Fashion Presentation. I'm a last minute shopper who on the hunt for a minimal brand so I texted my friend, Moorea Seal. I chose the Broken Lines Now Dress which retails at $169 because of it's boxy silhouette, pockets, boat-neck, and neutral color palette. The Uzi brand is based in Brooklyn, NY where their team hand-prints and sews every garment. 


A great tip for minimalists is to not buy something last minute for a special occasion because you'll likely go over your budget, even if it's a good piece. The Broken Lines Now dress ($169) was a little out of my budget but I instantly felt so confident in the dress. Also, it was versatile enough to wear with trousers, jeans, and even shorts for Spring/Summer time. To top it off, the dress comes with pockets? It felt like it was designed for me.

The Verdict: My CPW Results

So, you're probably wondering if UZI Broken Lines Now Dress is worth the investment? Well, let's look at the formula $169 (retail price) / 13 (# of days* I wore it) = $13 (costs every time I wore it). The verdict: Worth It!

The versatile, spring/summer approved, and light weight dress is a great buy for summer. You can purchase my dress online at Moorea Seal

While shopping for expensive things, do you consider using the Cost Per Wear formula?