31 Things To Declutter Before This Month Is Over

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When I tell people I'm a minimalist, I often receive a weird compliment saying, "Oh that's so cool! But I could never do that." This drives me nuts..mainly because the person doesn't know they are talking to a former shopping addict who spent her entire college savings within her first two quarters. Yes, it's cheesy as mozzarella but if I can be a minimalist, you sure as hell can. 


The beginning of your journey to minimalist living doesn't have to be a grand leap of selling everything you own to live out of a Hershel backpack. That would be cool but let's be practical here. If you want to maintain your momentum of decluttering, you have to start with small steps, which include your way of thinking. Challenge yourself to declutter things before this month is over. 

  1. Computer desktop: delete unused files and apps that are stealing your storage space
  2. Digital Picture Albums: save some photos in iCloud and delete them off your phone
  3. Apps: offload or delete apps that you aren't using on your phone/tablet
  4. Notes: delete the accidental notes or notes longer than 3 months that you no longer need
  5. Carclean out your car and donate extra CD's to a charity shop
  6. Cargift a friend, coworker, or someone else a ride to work, school, or an errand (carpool or not)
  7. Media: delete podcasts, music, videos that don't encourage you to become the someone you want to be
  8. Garagedonate everything that you haven't used in 1 year (yep, everything)
  9. Storage unit: donate useful items or throw away broken unusable items
  10. Bedroom: donate extra bedsheets that you've never used
  11. Bedroom: donate or sell furniture that is taking up space - extra dresser, hangers, storage bins, and knick-knacks
  12. Kitchen: donate extra pots, pans, or skillets that you don't use
  13. Kitchengift food to your local food bank - be grateful that you can always go get more groceries
  14. Living Roomdonate old magazines, CDs, DVDs, and books to your local public library or school
  15. Bathroomdonate travel shampoo, conditioner, soaps, etc. to your local women's and men's shelter or directly to homeless neighbors
  16. Decorationsdonate throw pillows, blankets, or knick-knacks that no longer fit your decor or that are extra
  17. Clothes: donate clothes that no longer fit or like to your local charity shops
  18. Clothes: gift clothes to someone who is homeless or a family in need
  19. Clothes: sell clothes that still have tags attached online to earn extra money (example)
  20. Clothesgift socks to homeless neighbors - they always need them
  21. Time: volunteer at your dream job or a company whose mission you like
  22. Timegift your time to a friend who needs support
  23. Time: mentor youth at your local high school, middle school, or elementary school
  24. Timegift your time at a retirement or nursing home- learn wisdom and gift love
  25. Time: stop watching Netflix, Hulu, or Cable and go walk outside - be grateful you live in a safe community to do so, even if it's 5 minutes
  26. Timestop doubting yourself, dreams, feelings, or experiences - review but don't relive negativity
  27. Time: be mindful of your thoughts and shift to gratitude
  28. Time: gift 3 strangers a compliment or strike up a conversation - connection is important
  29. Moneydelete subscriptions for a month and see if you can live without that program
  30. Money: complete a spending freeze for 3 days, 1 week, or 1 month to save money for a travel experience
  31. Money: gift the server more than you usually do and leave an encouraging note - this will grow you in humility

What's one thing you can do to declutter your life this month?