Transparency: A Journey of Self Acceptance and Self Love

 Transparency is defined as some "translucent substance made visible by light shining through from behind." I applaud individuals who are vulnerable about their struggles and how they overcame them. Their openness has brought me strength I never knew I had. I pray that by seeing me live in 


will give you the strength to withstand all of life's trials. 

Through this journey, I will conquer my fears of failure, rejection, and judgment. I will triumph over any obstacles so that I can help


. I will accept my flaws and grow daily to love them. Why am I doing this? My purpose is to share my mistakes, happiness, and lessons with all of you. So, that you may grow and release any pain you have experienced. I believe you deserve to fully live.

God has truly renewed my mind. This journey of


 is also a process of restoration. Your higher power doesn't completely alter you but enhances your spirit. You are made strong through your experience. You are not just a survivor but also a beautifully shattered human being who was blessed with a chance to renew oneself. We're always evolving not chasing after perfection. 

 I present to you, the journey of


. This is a life long project of self-acceptance and self-love. I


to remain transparent with everyone who walks with me out of depths of depression and into the light of life. 

We are going to make this 



Photographer: Tsion

Stylists: Me // Martin Medina

Editor: Me // Martin Medina

Location: Seattle, WA