Resuscitate Your Dreams: What To Do When You Want To Give Up

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Assess Your Dream's Heartbeat 

I got a call yesterday from my family about my mom. She's 83 with stage 6 Alzheimer's disease and got an infection that could possibly kill her earlier than expected. The doctors wanted a decision from us. To resuscitate her or naturally allow her to die. He then proceeded to explain the possible complications when you resuscitate someone: broken ribs, punctured organs near the chest, vomiting, etc.. He then said it would be a painful process for her but she would have a possibility of living. 

Immediately, I analyzed the word, "possibility." 

Some of you have choosing to pre-maturely kill your dreams. You're so afraid of enduring the process of revival that you aren't willing to risk embarrassment, being broke, or suffering through any pain. You'd rather "be safe than sorry." Settling is the land of the comfortable and the home of the people-pleasers.

You've decided it's best to dim your light and stay small because maybe just maybe you don't know what you're doing. You've justified your procrastination of writing the business plan because there is no guarantees in the land of entrepreneurship. In result, you've killed your dreams by operating in fearful mindset verses a faith mindset. 

TIP: Be brutally honest and ask yourself, "Have I killed my dreams or is there a possibility that I can resuscitate them?" Start the CPR process by taking action. Ignore the complications of negative thoughts, people misunderstanding you, or looking crazy. There's success waiting on the other side. 

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Apply Pressure to Activate Change

Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, miracles are real. We've all heard stories of people who've escaped death in an instant due to something interfering. If you open your eyes, miracles are happening all around you but... they come with a cost. Miracles also require action.

It requires you to write the book when you only have a high-school level education. It requires you to stay up all-night when you already work 3 jobs and are a single-parent. It requires you to put your entire savings into your business idea when you can't get a business loan. It requires you to risk the possibility of no one around you supporting your dreams for years. It requires you to sacrifice brunches and happy hours to get your work done. It requires you to release some friendships, family members, and people who just don't get it.  It requires you to look absolutely, 100% crazy. 

But are you willing to risk the complications to get your dream breathing again?

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Actively Expect A Miracle

If you're reading this, then you have to admit that you have more in you to pursue ALL your dreams. You are holding yourself back. You are the reason where you want to be. You have to take responsibility of your life and frankly, get a self-ish with your time. Remove ALL distractions. Get ready for some stress and pressure. Be prepared for some setbacks and complications. But ENDURE it. Your miracle is waiting on the other side. 

Think about it. Isn't it ironic that a woman who was bleeding for 13 years, expected a miracle, touched Jesus, and her faith healed her? (Luke 8:47-48). Isn't it ironic that Jesus spit on mud, rubbed it in the eyes of a blind man, and told him to go wash it off then he was healed? (John 9: 6-11). He asked Isn't it ironic that Jesus asked a dead man to come out of his grave? Guess what, HE CAME OUT! (John 11:44-45). This beautiful woman named Chris from my church shared her testimony and said, "I AM a miracle." Every single person reading this needs to believe that they are in fact, a miracle. Yes, YOU, reading this! You're a miracle. 

My phenomenal mentor Keita from the Success Bully Podcast helped me create goals that will make you "sweat a little," while being achievable. I can't stress enough how important having accountability is for accomplishing ANYTHING, especially if you're like me and consistency is a weakness. You'll have to book her for coaching but I can testify that I already notice a shift in my attitude and have made wins this week! 

So, how do you start?

TIP: Miracles WORK when YOU work. You need to be operating in a spirit of obedience. Expect. Believe. Act. ReceiveWrite down your big goal. Map out the goal in a timeline. Break it down into baby steps. Start NOW. 

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