Transparency Tales: LOLA "The Burden of Living In Dark Skin" (Episode 1)

Transparency Tales - Vulenrability

On June 1, 2015, I launched Transparency Tales: A Journey of Self-Love and Self-Acceptance. God put on my heart to be vulnerable with you. I vowed to share my struggles and triumphs in hopes that you may feel like you're not alone and find light in your darkest times.

But I simply can't do this alone.


Now more than ever, It's vital for all of us to be more transparent. We can't keep filtering images in hopes of creating an unrealistic digital script of our lives. It's time to be courageously vulnerable. It's absolutely terrifying to be vulnerable because you're risking miscommunications, judgment, and rejection. But despite the validity that rests within those fears...people are innately good; and your story can change someone's life.

Meet Lola

So.... meet Lola, a 20 year old living in Seattle, WA. I pray that regardless of your difference to her that her story will touch you. I pray for compassion and empathy as it's scary being in front of the camera and revealing so much about yourself. But I'm confident you'll gain comfort and hope by watching her.