How To Improve Your Finances, Relationships, and Mindset With Minimalism

How To Improve Your Finances, Relationships, and Mindset With Minimalism

In my third year of being a minimalist, I can officially say that I have seen some major benefits of living simply. I was able to start my debt free journey, move to a different city, and get out of the longest, darkest depression of my life. But I didn’t do this over night. In hindsight, there were ways I could have saved money, developed relationships, and had more peace of mind if I followed these tips to improving my life.

How To Improve Your Finances, Relationships, and Mindset With Minimalism

For those of you who are struggling and asking yourself: “why am I always broke?”, “how come my relationships don’t work out?”, or “will I always feel this bad?” then this blog post is for you! Hint: you CAN overcome these obstacles in life.


How To Improve Your Life With Minimalism: Mindset

Before you do anything, you must intentionally change your focus. What exactly are you thinking about? If you only focus on your lack of friends, money, or opportunities then that is exactly what you’re going to attract! This is where you have to challenge the lies of the enemy with truth. Who’s the “enemy?” Your subconscious mind that was programmed by the negative words of the people who spoke them over your life. Maybe your mom always called you fat or your dad belittled your accomplishments. These experiences shaped the way that we think about ourselves but it’s our job to correct those thoughts.

Whether you’ve been depressed your entire life, it is possible to have a positive mind. You don’t have to think negatively and you can learn how to celebrate your wins. Wins include getting out of bed on a hard day, going to the gym for 10 minutes, or even stopping a negative thought after you’ve spiraled already.


  • Say daily affirmations of the life you actually want desire to live

  • Surrounding yourself with positive people who see the good in you

  • Challenging every thought (remember, not everything that you think is true)

Correcting our thoughts will slowly shift our minds in a positive direction and it’s something you can start doing right now. Start speaking optimistic, positive, and truth despite how your situation currently looks. Start expecting change and then take action.


How To Improve Your Life With Minimalism: Relationships

Minimalism helped me identify my values, likes, and dislikes, which spills over into your relationships. I tolerated and later exuded toxic behaviors that didn’t benefit anyone around me. You can change your relationship dynamics by deciding how you want to be treated and how you will treat others. What brought more positive people in my life was finding out ways to help others. The more I focused on other people and shifted my focus towards them, the more I felt confident in myself because my mind found similarities in the characteristics I admired.


  • Serve the people around you and stop making it about you

  • Get to know the needs of your loved ones, peers, leaders, etc. and fulfill them

  • Set boundaries with yourself and others (i.e. follow through with your promises to yourself; release expectations from everyone; and get clear on what you will and won’t tolerate)

By focusing on others, it allowed me to learn what boundaries were necessary for the sake of our relationship. I learned what the other party needed from me and then told them what I could offer. This has been a tremendous life saver for keeping my sanity in relationships.

Clothed In Abundance

How To Improve Your Life With Minimalism: Finances

While embarking on my minimalism journey, I discovered Dave Ramsey and the debt free community. I saw similar parallels between simplifying your life and decluttering debt. The biggest lesson I learned was that you can see what you value through your spending habits. Money is a tool and resource but it’s not to be used to shop impulsively. When your finances are in order then you’ll start to feel more confident and stable in life. Your relationships will improve and soon people will be asking how you paid off your debt so fast. So, I decided to track my budget through my bullet journal and saw that the majority of my money was spent on clothes and food.


  • Document your spending for 30 days

  • Track your mood with your spending habits

  • Create a cash envelope system digitally (I.e. accounts) or actual envelopes

Changing your habits starts with one small step. So, I challenge you to spend the next 30 days documenting your spending habits. This is a time to get radically honest with yourself about where each dollar is going. Develop a plan of using cash to pay for things, yes including bills by withdrawing and depositing. Only buy what’s necessary and do your best to use one sheet of paper.

You CAN improve your mindset, relationships, and finances (which are all interconnected by the way) with your thoughts and actions. Choose happiness over bitterness and resentment. Choose to save and invest verses spend frivolously. Choose to have a servants heart verses selfish ambition.

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