Why I Bought Fast-Fashion While On My Journey To Slow Fashion

When I officially started minimalism journey, I realized I was committing to more than decluttering clothes and dressing simply. Minimal fashion is not just a "style" or an "aesthetic" but it is the conscious choice to align my money with my values. In this process, I've run into some challenges while on the journey to slow fashion.

Slow Fashion is sustainable, ethical, and environmentally conscious. Production is slow but the majority of slow-businesses provide the highest quality and ethical factory practices. Curated Cassi discusses the 4 biggest challenges of sustainable shopping including two that I'm struggling with the most: price and accessibility. 

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Being plus-sized on a major lifestyle change, I didn't want to invest (most slow fashion items are $$$+ ) on items for the summer when I'm 100% certain my body and style are changing. To be transparent, I wanted new clothes to feel confident in my clothes and I didn't want to thrift. So, I went to target and bought new and affordable clothes that fit my changing body for Spring. 

I tried on 12 items from the WhoWhatWear Collection, Universal Thread, and Mossimo. For the first time in MONTHS, I felt completely confident in how looked. I didn't even NOTICE the imperfections I usually pick at. So, I bought 4 things from Target because in that moment they were priceless...well, they were definitely worth the $95. 

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I felt BEAUTIFUL and certain I made the right decision...until I went home and scrolled through instagram. My feed was filled with beautiful, smaller-sized women who can rock some of my favorite slow brands. But I felt conflicted to even post my Spring Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Haul that I was letting down the minimalist and ethical blogging community. Thoughts of being "hypocritical" or "not ethical enough" flung through my head.

Then it hit me that a lot of slow-fashion brands don't typically make clothes that will fit my size 14-ish body while being affordable. I'm defining affordable as pieces ranging from $70- $100. Yes, I know that's a small budget but I'm focusing on paying off debt therefore my budget is tighter than usual. Also, sometimes their return and exchange policy is limited to just exchanges and pay for your own return-shipping policy. To me, that wasn't how I wanted to invest my money, at least not now. 

Do you shop fast-fashion while on your slow fashion journey?