Bad & Bronzed Sunkissed Skin Makeup (25 Random Facts About Me)

Bad & Bronzed Sunkissed Skin Makeup (25 Random Facts About Me)


25 Random Facts About Me

1) My favorite movie is The Dark Knight - the late Heath Ledger had an unmatched performance of the Joker

2) I love gospel, R&B, and rap music - imagine my Spotify playlists filled with Keri Wilson, Tasha Cobbs, and YG 

3) I could eat Mexican food, specifically enchiladas, everyday for every meal

4) When I was younger, I had gap I got braces for only 7 months

5) I've experienced a variety of belief systems: Agonistic, Buddhism, Catholic, Law of Attraction, Baptist, and now I'm FOREVER a Jesus Believer/Follower - I believe religion can be very traumatizing and exclusive, therefore, I don't consider myself religious AT ALL. I solely choose have a relationship with God. 

6) My go scent is lavender or this perfume from Sonia Kashuk

7) When I was 16, I went on an art class trip to France (Paris and Avignon) and Spain, Barcelona for a week - My mom made bought me SHAPE-UPS from Sketchers and I got teased like CRAZY haha but my feet were feelin' good, y'all

8) An ideal first date would be something simple and meaningful but FUN. I'd love to go to the beach for a picnic with good food and maybe some wine sounds incredible. Oh, and he has to love God + rap music :P

9) I've always wanted to be a pilot but anxiety took over. But I'd love to fly a plane one day (even if it's simulated)

10) I am GOING skydiving to get over my fear of a plane crashing lol. I know, oxymoron from #9

11) Growing up, I used to paint and draw daily. I've done charcoal pieces, painted pottery, pointillism, and sketched. Now, I bullet journal and botanicals are my favorite thing to draw

12) I'm originally from Los Angeles, CA but moved to Seattle 5 years ago to attend Seattle Pacific University - I have my B.A. in Communications: Journalism Track

13) I attended an all-girls Catholic school from middle to high school. Yes- we wore uniforms, yes- there was drama, and no, you can't see pictures lol

14) I've taught myself how to photograph, edit, film, design, etc. - to be honest, the introvert in me loves the behind the scenes process of blogging more than being in front of the camera

15) My favorite holiday is Halloween because you get to dress up and create innovative costumes - your girl was Lil Wayne once :)

16) I know how to knit and crochet; I've made a million scarves, a blanket, and a bag

17) 97% of the time I'm smiling and I have 2 dimples on my right cheek and none on my left :)

18) My favorite sports are football and tennis. I love being at the game to get the whole experience and dislike watching sports at home on a big screen TV

19) My favorite color is cobalt blue

20) Even though I HATE the celebrity crush question (they're just people), I definitely have my eyes glued to Idris Elba or the Rock - I know totally different but their character + ambition is dreamy

21) Although, I consider myself a minimalist, I would have an abundance of french fries from Oddfellows Cafe and Bar or coats. I currently have 9, which is a bit ridiculous lol

22) I used to LOVE dancing - I've performed at Lula Washington and Debbie Allen Dance Academy lightyears ago

23) During my senior year of college, I worked two part-time jobs: one in an office and one as a janitor

24) My biggest pet peeve is when someone leaves the bathroom or kitchen sink wet...OH MY GOSH. That literally makes me scream just thinking about it. Pray for me y'all lol

25) If I was guaranteed success in a different industry from fashion and tech then I would be a professional back-up dancer or motivational speaker

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