8 Tangible Things I'm Doing To Beat My Depression in 2018

8 Tangible Things I'm Doing To Beat My Depression in 2018

1. Going Back To Counseling

I've been afraid to admit that I stopped going to counseling since last August. I quit a toxic work environment (so bad that I'd call my counselor at least 3X per week= $$$) and was surviving entirely on my savings account. In 3 short months, those few thousand dollars quickly vanished. In that time of scarcity, I realized how vital counseling is for my overall health. I gain far more clarity, energy, and hap after completing a session. Keep in mind: counselors don't solve problems for us but they do help shift our perspective to see things more clearly. I attend an affordable counseling center in Seattle, WA. Please contact me if you're serious about receiving help.

2. Committing To Live Healthy

OK, so I've gained a lot of weight due to stress, binge eating, and simply not caring what I put in my body. No, I'm not doing negative self-talk but it's a fact that I'm currently at my heaviest and feel constantly exhausted with no energy. Initially, I planned to lose weight on my own and then hire a trainer BUT I read this post by Maya Elious about how women self-sabotage themselves from fulfilling our purpose. Immediately, asked around and was connected to a trainer and start training the following week! By acknowledging that I need help and actively following through, I'll be able to accomplish my goals faster because of accountability, investment, and dedication. I've decided to invest in workout videos and having an accountability person to keep track of my fitness journey. 

3. Fully Embracing Myself

I've always been obsessed with self-help books but it's gotten to the point where I became addicted to changing myself to please others. The dangerous thing about pleasing others is making them idols. When you put people on a throne, your self-worth is chained to their inconsistent desires. To overcome this, you need to radically start to love ALL of yourself. The weird, awkward, flawed, beautiful, messy, resilient, adventurous, and wild pieces that form you. So, I'm vowing to knock down every pedestal I've built for people. 

4. Enjoy The Journey of Waiting

I'm VERY impatient at times. It's something that I've been working on for years. Although our society values speed, it's important to slow down sometimes to make clearer decisions, comprehend the full story, and to fully listen. So, unapologetically turning off my phone, going outside more, and

8 Tangible Things I'm Doing To Beat My Depression in 2018

5. To Stop Asking For Permission/Validation

This one is crystal clear. Take it from a former people-pleaser that sometimes you just need to be quiet and remember that you're undefeated

6. Getting More Specific On My Goals

Instead of writing that I want to lose weight or travel somewhere. I'm starting by writing down specifically what I want to happen this year. For instance, I wanted to attend a leadership conference this year and I DID! How did I do this? Well, I wrote down specifically what days I planned to go, the name of the conference, the city, and my budget. When I tell you had no money or anything set aside for this trip I had nothing. But I stepped out on faith and bought tickets after 

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7. Keeping Minimalism At The Core of Me

I started my minimalism journey to break free from "coping" and "escapism" (i.e. shopping addiction, people pleaser, and not having values). Minimalism taught me to #ShopSlowly, to please God and myself, and to set and live by my own values. I am not a "strict" minimalist of counting things but I only want things that add value in my life. 

8. Tackling More Debt

I'm determined to completely debt free by the end of 2021. Why? Because owing someone money causes me immense stress, especially with student loans plus interest. I value freedom and having debt makes you a slave. As I stated above, I want to travel and be mobile without carrying my burden of debt with me everywhere I go. I've downloaded the EveryDollar app and I keep a Google Sheet of all of my expenses, income, and savings. 

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Photography by Amina Maya