7 Non-Materialistic Things To Be Thankful For Even When You're Depressed on Thanksgiving 2017

7 Non-Materialistic Things To Be Thankful For Even When You're Depressed on Thanksgiving 2017


A few years ago, I was battling a terrible depression where getting out of bed was equivalent to completing the worst chore. Ugh, laundry is the worst lol. I felt like the Walking Dead; not the zombies dripped in blood and makeup but the people who felt so hopeless and experienced the tragedy of the apocalypse.

You know when your depression is so bad that you can't even fake it anymore? Yeah, mine was worse than that. So, I picked up Taco Bell, stayed in my college apartment, put on my annual I'm-a-content-college-student-almost-graduated-life-is-good-but-not-great mask, and looked at my family on a screen for 12 minutes. For the first time, I was forced to admit that I had intentionally chosen my depression versus showing up for life. 

You may feel similarly or very distant from the side-effects of depression and anxiety. But I strongly believe that everyone has something to be grateful for...if you decide to be despite the pain. 

7 Non-Materialistic Things To Be Thankful For 2017

  1. Being Alive

When all hell is breaking loose in our lives, the last thing that we are grateful for is to be in the midst of it. In fact, a lot of us have prayed for the opposite. But to be breathing on this sphere, even if you breathing alone, is a gift. Why? You are not a table, a toilet, a vase, shampoo, or dirty bar floor. You were purposely created as a human to EXPERIENCE life. 

     2. Your Body

This is your treasure...even when we give it too much sugar and grease. Even when your stomach grumbles super loud that it sounds like your farting. Just me? Okay, but you get the point. Regardless if there is an infection, disease, or terminal illness, our body STILL carries our mind and our soul through life. It is our protector and our most beautiful home that we ever get to live in. 

    3. Joy

Notice that I didn't say happiness. Happiness is a temporary feeling. Joy is an unexplainable sense of gratitude that is stronger than excitement and richer than contentment. There is something about the joy of the Lord that even when you're about to get evicted, He is STILL good. Even when you're celebrating the Holidays alone, He is STILL good. And even when you're thinking suicidal thoughts, He stops you just in time because He is STILL good. 

    4. Grief

We will all go through pain. We will all lose loved ones. We will eventually die. But the process of grief is an earthquake of a reminder to be present. To cherish memories and...

    5. Time

This used to be my BIGGEST fear. Having a now 83-year old mother who's 60 years older than me used to make me feel like I'm constantly running out of time. Plus, we are always suffocated by society's unrealistic ticking clock "be a millionaire by 25 years-old" or "know your purpose when you're 6 years-old". That's crap. Time is your RESOURCE. You can ALWAYS start a new no matter what it looks like. Your age is absolutely irrelevant. YOU HAVE TIME. 

   6. Laughter

Have you ever been depressed and you just are low-key trying hard NOT to enjoy life. Then something or someone out of nowhere makes you laugh. I'm reminded of my older sister, who would always say, "you know you want to laugh." No matter HOW angry my nephew and I were at her for being disciplined, she always made sure that we knew our joy was her biggest priority. That's exactly how God feels when we laugh. How incredible is it that our soul tickles and belts out giggles and cheer when we are filled to capacity with joy. What an over-flow of God's JOY in our hearts.  

  7. God's Peace

Despite how challenging and traumatizing this year has been, God is still sovereign. God is still here. But He's waiting for us to CHOOSE Him over numbing ourselves with drinking, sex, and judging others. He's waiting to see us and stop masking our church hurt and depending on imperfect people to show us who He is. He is forever chasing after our hearts and NOTHING we could ever make Him love us any less. I can tell you that it's SO much easier when I'm battling depression but I know with my whole self that God loves me. 

Currently on my way to Thanksgiving with Church friends

Currently on my way to Thanksgiving with Church friends

What is one Non-Materialistic Thing You Are Thankful for? 

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