#TransparencyTales: How To Overcome Failure

#TransparencyTales: How To Overcome Failure

Stutters and ‘um’ were the only verbal sounds escaping my mouth. There was so much sweat that accumulated on my forehead that it looked like I was crying. 25 eyes were staring at me as I stood in front of the class as I completely forgot the entirety of my speech.

For 10 days, that moment was stuck on instant replay. I was infuriated that my mind could not retain all the information and that my introverted personality decided to cut off my vocal cords. I couldn’t grasp how I forgot my speech in my Public Speaking class when that was the only assignment we had. I definitely felt like the world’s biggest failure.

Since we are imperfect creatures, failure is inevitable. We all have stumbled and stuttered at some point in our lives. This doesn’t mean that we have 


Whether your dress was tucked into your underwear or you slammed dunked in the opposing teams basket, you don’t fail until you absolutely stop trying.

By definition, failure is “the omission of occurrence or performance; a fracturing or giving way under stress.” So, you literally have to give up in order to fail.

My enlightenment moment was when I realized that a lot of my depression stemmed from reflection of the problem instead of the solution. I assumed what I must have looked like standing up there to my peers verses brainstorming how I want to present my speeches.

This class is a requirement for my major, I thoroughly practiced and prepped for my next big day. I read and reread my speech to three different friends and then asked for any constructive criticism. Next, I picked out an outfit that made me feel confident. I specifically remember wearing a bomber and black heeled booties, like my outfit here. Lastly, I prayed for God to speak through me.

Not only did your girl get an A on her second speech; but also I have since spoken on



to represent my university with the average crowd size of 100.

However, don’t let those panels fool you. I still have days where I feel like I didn’t succeed at anything let alone public speaking. But I am on a life-long journey of self-confidence, not only in abilities, but my strengths and myself.

How have you overcome failure?



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