Abundance starts the moment you choose to express gratitude for all that you have, releasing what you no longer need, and leaving space for what will be.

—— Deb Shepherd | Writer, Speaker, and Founder of @ClothedInAbundance


Deborah Shepherd

In 2014, I was extremely depressed and miserable but I wouldn’t dare let anyone see that. Instead of addressing my issues head on, I blew my entire college savings in my first 6 months of college, dated terrible guys, and self-sabotaged to fill voids that only a relationship with God could fix.

In 2016, I started to transparently documenting my journey of decluttering, prioritizing my self-care, and getting debt-free. Now, I help spiritual women see the abundance in their life through minimalism, mental health, and money strategies.

Deb Shepherd - ClothedInAbundance