Turn your wounds into wisdom.
— Oprah Winfrey

Hi, everyone! I'm deb, the broke minimalist


In 2012, Deborah Shepherd, the Los Angeles native moved to Seattle, WA to pursue higher education. She recieved her BA in Communications: Journalism Track from Seattle Pacific University. Immediately after graduating, she moved to a small town in Eastern, WA where her apperance and possessions were irrelevant. That's right, the fashion-obsessed, face-beat, and always-changing-her-hair woman decided to surrender. By stripping herself of the masks, she discovered her passions were actually deeply rooted insecurities. But how would she break free? In that season, God whispered to her the name "The Broke Minimalist." She finally realized that she needed to create a platform that dived deeper beyond the surface of beauty and fashion.

After 8 years of blogging, Shepherd founded The Broke Minimalist, a fashion and wellness destination that provides ecomically and socially conscious-content. TBM helps it's valued readers gain freedom from material posessions and societal pressures to create an abundant life. Readers leave feeling empowered by witnessing, Transparency Tales, courageously vulnerable stories of every-day people who have overcome adversity and are still soaring. 

The Broke Minimalist has been featured on WhoWhatWear, Blavity, and published in AWEAR! magazine.